5 Fun and Green Things To Do This Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd, and we have rounded up 5 fun things that you can do this weekend to help honor our big beautiful planet! 

Contribute to A Community Garden

There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating a meal with vegetables you grew with your own two hands! If you don’t have space for a home garden you can sign up for the Long Beach Community Garden (FYI there is currently a waiting list). It is a great way to get together with community members, as well as a cost-effective way to get your veggie intake. For more information visit The Long Beach Community Garden’s Website.  

Go On A Local Hike

Here in Southern California, we have hundreds of options for beautiful hiking, you could try Malibu Falls, Portuguese Bend, or Turnbull Canyon – just to name a few! Celebrate the Earth by enjoying its bountiful beauty, taking in vistas, climbing mountains, and swimming in the refreshing waters. Just remember to pack out what you pack in – no one likes a litterbug, especially on Earth Day!  

Beach Clean Up 

Head down to the Long Beach shores with a few friends and trash bags, and start cleaning. It is amazing how much trash accumulates on our beaches. 

Earth Day DIY Project  

If you own your own home, this weekend is a great time to do an Energy Efficient Audit. Can you switch out light bulbs? Or maybe you can improve your home’s insulation? Or perhaps consider sealing your windows to help them be more energy efficient. 

Make An Earth Day Resolution

Linguine With Asparagus Pesto from The New York Times

Is there something not so Earth-friendly that you can remove from your everyday life or replace it with a more sustainable option? For example, replace plastic straws with stainless steel ones or opt to go vegetarian for 1 or 2 days a week. You could try one of these delicious vegetarian recipes from The New York Times. Little changes like this can make a huge impact on the Environment.

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