4 Home Security Tips To Consider Before The Holidays

During the holiday event season, it’s important to review your family’s home security plan. If your household does not have a security plan, now may be a good time to create one. Here are a 4 tips to keep you and your loved ones a few steps ahead.

Social Sense: When traveling away from home for more than a day, avoid letting the entire world know (via social media) that you’re away from your home on vacation. Fight the urge to post photos of your travels and wait until you’re back home. Homes have been broken into based on information thieves collected on social media.

Lighting: Do you remember the movie Home Alone? Kevin actually had some good ideas for making a home look occupied by using automatic lighting and other creative gadgets. Simple automatic timers that turn lamps and other lighting on in the home between normal activity hours can give the sense that the home is occupied.

Communicate With Your Neighbors: Let your neighbors know that you’ll be out of town and the duration of the time you plan to be away. Ask a neighbor to collect any newspapers or front door flyers from your property. This small chore will prevent the home from appearing unattended and give a stronger appearance that the property is occupied.

Consider A Security System: If you tend to keep cash and valuables stored in your home or if you travel frequently, you may want to consider installing a home security system. Nowadays, home security systems can be fairly inexpensive and quite effective. Most include web cameras that monitor the home and can be accessed via your smartphone. This is also a great way to monitor pets that are left home for a few hours while running errands. 

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