Can A Can Of Paint Really Boost My Home’s Value?

Home staging is all about allowing prospective home buyers to envision themselves living in your home. And, when done well, that’s what gets top-dollar offers on a home and helps you sell quickly. The right colors compliment the room and help...

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Appraisal Contingencies And How They Work

When I tell my clients it’s time for the home appraisal there can be a mix of emotions and key questions to answer. It is an essential hurdle to overcome if the buyer is obtaining a loan. On the one hand, they are thrilled to have a contrac...

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The COVID-19 Outbreak Is Not a Housing Crisis Here Are 5 Reasons Why

In the midst of uncertainty, such as the circumstance we are all in right now with the COVID-19 situation, perhaps the best thing we can do to facilitate our feelings of anxiety is to arm ourselves with facts and data, not give into the fear. R...

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Market Update: How Is COVID-19 Really Affecting The Housing Market And What To Consider

Historic times are upon us as the Coronavirus has spread around the world creating so much uncertainty for all of us. Impacting every industry, and real estate is no exception. Now, the big question is “how?” How is COVID-19 impacting o...

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Downtown Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Ranked 10th Most Walkable City In The Nation

Long Beach is infused with great neighborhoods that make it an incredible city to live in. It’s filled with culture, great restaurants, shopping, and craft breweries. It has a laid back vibe that rivals any Southern California beach town....

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7 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Standout

So, you’re ready to sell your home! However, the last thing you want to do is fix it up when the new buyer is going to redo the paint, kitchen, and bathrooms the way they want to, right? Nope! The reality is that most buyers simply can’...

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Is The New Trend In House Selling Really Worth The Cost

Is The New Trend In House Selling Really Worth The Cost?

iBuyers are getting more popular in many major real estate markets across the country. This adds yet another option for sellers to consider when putting their home on the market. However, is the convenience of iBuying really worth the cost?...

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California Rent Control Bill

California’s Rent Control Bill And What It Means for Landlords

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a rent control bill last month that will take effect January 1, 2020, lasting until 2030. Here’s a breakdown of California's new rent control bill 1482 and what it means for landlords and rente...

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Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Is Selling Your Home During The Holidays A Good Idea?

Over the years we’ve had many conversations with homeowners that want to sell their homes during the last quarter of the year and they always ask the same question -- “Is selling my home during the holidays a good idea?” It’s a c...

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Long Beach's 2ND & PCH is Open

Long Beach’s Highly Anticipated Retail Center Is Open!

After nearly 10 years of work, Long Beach Retail Center 2ND & PCH is Open! The highly anticipated retail center was formerly home to the SeaPort Marina Hotel. Which believe it or not was a high-end hostelry in its heyday. This contempor...

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