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Preparing your loved one’s home for sale . . .                                                                                                                                                   We will handle the details so you don’t have to!


Estate Liquidation of Personal Property - We will arrange for the sale, disposal, or donation of personal property.

BPO/Date of Death Appraisal - We will provide a detailed Broker Price Opinion, a valuable tool for negotiating with the probate referee. Our package will include a narrative summary, photos of the subject property, comparables, and maps.

Bids - Upon request, we will provide a list of recommended repairs to the estate to maximize the sale price. We will then collect and present bids for approval.

Repairs & Cleaning - Organize and supervise estate sales, cleanout, all repairs, including painting, contractors, carpet, etc.

Supervisions & Inspections - We will oversee and insure that all work is complete, as well as inspect the property once a week, every week.

Market Analysis - We will provide a detailed current market analysis to help you determine the sale price of your home and track current market trends.

Court Appearances - We will make court appearances with attorneys. If court approval of the sale is required, the marketing and showing of the property will continue until the court date to increase chances of overbid.

Marketing Updates - Weekly activity reports provided, including feedback from showings and open houses.


• Preparation & Staging Services Available
• Professional Photography
• Virtual Home Tour | Aerial Video Available
• Direct Mail Campaigns | Print Advertisements
• Targeted Digital Advertising
• Extensive Social Media Marketing
• Multiple Email Campaigns
• Editorial Quality Brochures
• Highly Publicized Grand Opening & Open Houses
• Specialized Property Websites
• Expanded Global Marketing for Foreign Buyers

                          THE PROBATE TIMELINE



Prepare and File Petition for Probate

1-2 months

A court hearing on the Petition for Probate. The petitioner must notify all involved parties.

2-3 months

The personal representative must notify the Franchise Tax Board of decedents death within 90 days of the letters of administration or testamentary being issued. 

2-3 months

The following are issued:  Letters of Administration, Orders for Probate, Duties and Liabilities, Issue Bond (if ordered), & **Letters  Testamentary **

2-4 months(if not contested)

If there are non-monetary assets in the estate such as real estate, artwork, etc. the court will appoint a Probate Referee. 

2-4 months

Notice to Creditors

 2-4 months

Notice to Department of California Department of Health Services

 4-8 months

Pay State and Federal Taxes (if necessary)

 6-12 months

 Court to determine who receives property of the estate

6-12 months

 A report of sale and petition for order confirming sale of real property is filed with the court.

6-15 month

 Personal representative to submit final estate tax return in the event the estate earned money.

6-15 month

Claim of Exemption (if assets transfer to a minor)

 6-15 months

Receive Final Tax Letter from State and Federal (if appropriate)

 6-18 months

File Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting

 8-16 months

 Hearing on Petition for final Distribution and Accounting

9-20 months

Order Approving Final Distribution and Accounting

 9-20 months

Distribution of Assets to Heirs

 9-20 months

Final Discharge Order (indicates close of probate case)

 9-20 months

Final Distribution of Funds

 9-20 months



The purpose of this timeline is to provide general information on the law, which is subject to change. It is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should consult an attorney.



"When my brother suddenly passed away I became executor of his estate. Since I live in NJ, I knew I needed someone who could handle all the logistics of a probate sale, including emptying the house of personal belongings, staging the house, and even arranging for his Corvette to be shipped to the East Coast. These are not tasks typically handled by a real estate agent, but Oriana showed no hesitation in taking on these tasks and performing above and beyond what anyone would expect of their agent. Oriana and her staff have little competition in my opinion, as they are performing at a level of professionalism, service, and knowledge that far exceeds other agents. " — Donna W.

"I was referred to the Oriana Shea Group by a close friend during an especially difficult time in my life, settling my parents' estate. My family and I found Oriana to be extremely compassionate, efficient and knowledgeable. As I progressed through the process of selling my parents' home, she was patient, understanding and thoughtful during my grief. I struggled to make even the most basic decisions, but she worked with me at my pace while patiently guiding me through the selling process. When I needed assistance in organizing the items to sell, Oriana and her team provided referrals for the estate sale. Her expertise was evident as she guided me through the unknown variables encountered in the selling process and helped me think through options for my decisions. I am extremely grateful to Oriana and her team for their expert help and would highly recommend their services to everyone. They are professional and efficient, but most importantly they have the biggest hearts. Thank you Oriana and team, you are the best!" - Pete Badua

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