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Why A Living Trust vs A Will?
What's the difference between a living trust vs a will? Which one should you have? How does either affect real estate? In today's video, Monica Goel, an attorney from TLD Law, answers frequently asked questions regarding trusts and wills. If you have specific questions and would like Monica's help, contact her directly at: 562.923.0971 or visit
FAQs For Trustees In An Estate
As a realtor, trustees often ask me many questions about selling real estate after a grantor has died. Today, Monica Goel, an attorney from TLD Law, answers some of the most commonly asked questions around this topic. If you have specific questions about probates or trusts and would like Monica's help, contact her directly at: 562.923.0971 or visit
Is Now a Good Time To Buy?
Should you buy a home now, or wait? In today's video, I highlight three questions that will guide you through the home buying process if you're considering buying this year.
How to Sell and Buy a House at the SAME TIME
If you're planning to sell your home and buy a new one, you should consider three strategies. These will help you compete against stronger offers for your dream home. If you have questions about your situation, contact me at 562-477-3388.
Retiring Soon? Is Moving The Next Step?
Are you retiring soon? In today’s video, I discuss exploring the options and benefits of selling your home to meet the goals of your retirement.
2024 Real Estate Market Update
What should we expect in the 2024 real estate market? Is it a good time to buy, or should we wait? In today's video, I share some interesting data to provide insight on these topics.
From Tired-Looking to Ten Offers
If you're selling your home, presentation is everything! In today's video, I'll share a recent case study where we significantly maximized the sales price for one home seller and got multiple offers in a few days by focusing on presentation.
4 Skills Your Listing Agent Must Have!
Thinking of selling your home? A critical part of this process is choosing the right agent to help you. As you interview real estate agents, look out for the 4 necessary skills I highlight in today's video.
5 Fun Facts about Huntington Beach
Thinking about moving to Huntington Beach, California? Did you know that Huntington Beach played a role in sending astronauts to the moon? Did you know it has its own Walk of Fame? Or do you know the origin story of its name? We highlight these and other interesting facts as we continue our '5 Fun Facts' series.
2023 Year In Review
Looking back at The Oriana Shea Group's highlights of 2023!
Why Selling Your Home Before The New Year is a Good Idea
Should you sell your home before the New Year, or right after? Some are concerned that there may be disadvantages because everyone is focused on the holidays. Today, I cover three advantages of selling your home during this time of year.