3 Ways To Use Your Leftover Turkey! Tips from your local Long Beach Realtor.
If you've ever eaten turkey during the holidays, you know there are always leftovers. What do you do with them?! Well, in today's video, I share 3 quick recipes my family enjoys year after year. As a busy real estate professional, I appreciate quick, go-to recipes. That's why I like to collect and share such recipes on this channel, and on my website. https://www.orianashea.com/videos/ya-gotta-eat-recipes/ Hope they bring you value as well! Bon Appetit!
What's Going On With Interest Rates? Interview with Josh Atwood, PNC Bank December 2022
A very common question, and concern, right now is: What's going on with interest rates? In today's video, I interview Josh Atwood from PNC Bank who breaks down the volatility of the rates, what can we anticipate, and what opportunities still exist in today's market. December 2022 Housing Market Update
Home Buying vs Online Dating
It occurred to me recently that shopping for a home is a lot like online dating? When you think about it, swiping left or right is just a little too easy! In this video, I compare the home-buying experience to online dating and I offer some advice on how to get "matched" with your dream home!
Should You Buy A Home Right Now? Winter 2022
There's a lot of fear around buying a house right now, but there doesn't have to be! Now is actually a great time to buy a house for a number of reasons. In this video, Oriana walks you through the reasons that you don't have to be afraid to buy a house in today's market.
Moving To Downtown Long Beach? Watch This First!
If you’re thinking of moving to Southern California, check out the sunny community of Downtown Long Beach! This diverse city has much to offer and you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. From historic homes to sleek high rises, the perfect home is waiting for you here in Long Beach!
10 Must-Know Facts About Long Beach, California
How much do you know about Long Beach, California? There's a good chance you may not know some of these fun facts! In today's video, Oriana Shea - a Long Beach realtor - shares 10 fun facts about Long Beach, California that'll have you saying, "Oh wow. That's interesting!". Enjoy!
How This Homeowner Left $200k On The Table
If you're selling your house, this video is a must-see. Unfortunately, many homeowners make this mistake and inevitably leave money on the table by not putting enough emphasis on the presentation of their homes. My recent experience with "the home that got away" drives this point home when learning what the final sales price was, compared to what it could've been. For context, this seller decided to go the "easier" path, that is, putting the house up for sale without doing any work. And look, I get it. If
5 Things Homebuyers Should Know
Welcome to Oriana's version of This or That! Today, she chats with us about all things paint colors, wood stains, decor style, and more. If you’re looking to revamp your space, this is the perfect inspiration to get you started!
How To Prepare Your Home To Sell | Listing Intervention Series Ep. 1
Are you selling your home? If so, you'll enjoy my new show, Listing Intervention! In this series, I'll review current listings online to provide feedback on how homeowners can maximize the sales price of their homes with cost-efficient strategies.
10 Must-Know Facts About Seal Beach [Long Beach, California]
How much do you know about Seal Beach, California? There's a good chance you don't know these interesting facts! In today's video, I share 10 fun facts about Seal Beach that you probably didn't know! Enjoy!
How I Negotiate For Buyers & Sellers!
The art of negotiation is explained by Oriana, an experienced expert in real estate. Oriana finds creative ways to keep monthly payments low for the buyer while bringing in offers at higher than asking for the seller. Find out how she makes a win-win situation possible!
3 Reasons You'll Love Bixby Knolls | Long Beach Lowdown Series
Welcome to another Long Beach Lowdown! In today’s episode, Oriana covers the Bixby Knolls area and what makes these well-loved neighborhoods so popular. From live music to stunning architecture, you will want to give this beautiful area a visit!